I tried the Strawberry Swirl and the Pumpkin Spice and they are delicious!! The staff is also nice and helpful!
Chloe Lane
Greensburg, PA
Best cheesecake...all kinds. Hands down!
Lani McClintock Hepner
The cheese cake was very creamy and flavorful. Will be back for more.
Marsha Testa
Greensburg, PA
I have eaten different flavors of these cheese cakes. they are probably one of the best cheesecakes I have ever eaten. They all are made from scratch and wonderful Baker! I highly recommend getting one or two for the holidays.
Martina Vermeulin
These cheesecakes are the best and they taste so so good!!! I’ve ordered several times and have never been disappointed!
Nicole Lynn Whipkey
Just got home tried the peanut butter cup cake. Definitely will be up Friday for the special. They are great! I wish you the best with the new buisness!!
Sherry Lackey
Excellent cheesecakes with an interesting variety of flavors. Nice that there is the small cupcake size for individual desserts and full size cheesecakes for larger get togethers. I would highly recommend them to everyone. 🍰😁
Beth Attenberger Forejt
Great cheesecakes!! these cakes are delicious!! great price too! you won't be disappointed
Danielle Apodaca
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